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    At Friends Optical Vision test makes sure you are viewing best!
    Your Vision Test
  • Do you feel dry eyes after using computer or mobile?
    Dry Eye Center
  • We have vast range of eye lenses to suggest you!
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Eye Care

Large variety of Spectacle Frames and Sunglasses

  • Care
  • Protection
  • Adjustment

Ear Care

Understand the role of hearing aids. Just as eyeglasses do not "cure" vision deficiencies.


Artificial Eye

ARTIFICIAL (Prosthetic) EYE is used when the NATURAL EYE is abscent by birth.

  • Enucleation
  • Evisceration
  • Pthisis Bulbi (Shrunken eye)
Best Optometrist

Welcome To Friends Optical

Best Optometrist in town are ready to help you!

The name Friends Optical Service needs no introduction as we are serving in the field of human health by virtue of taking care of their vision and hearing side, since last three generations. We are proud that we have always equipped ourselves with the latest technologies introduced in our field to serve our valued clients. We believe in personalized services and keep the valued clients most satisfied keeping their choice and prices which indicates that we are Friends. By the Grace of Allah we have spread our services throughout the country under the name of Friends Audiology Centre.

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