Friends Optical Eye Care

Large variety of Spectacle frames & sunglasses. All type of spectacle lenses including Progressive Multifocal Lenses correct for two or more distance. There are three main types: bifocal, trifocal and progressive addition lenses (also known as “no-line bifocal” or “progressive”), CR 39 sunsensors, Hard polycarbonate lenses, Artifical eye, Eye testing with latest machines & equipements. The quality & life of your glasses depend on the way with which they have been cared for, their protection and their adjustment.


Clean your glasses regularly using slightly soapy water. Do not use corrosive and abrasive product, which can scratch the frame. Entrust them from time to time to your optician who will clean them carefully with an appropriate product.


Your case is essential. It serves to keep your glasses free dust and other objects which may damage both lenses and frame.


Despite all your care, your glasses may get out of adjustment with time. This will result in discomfort and loss od aquity of vision. Never try to adjust them yourself. Entrust them rather to your optician. To maintain their correct adjustment as long as possible, use both hand to put your glasses on and take them off.