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Our services to our nation

Friends Optical Centre 

Friends optical and Audiology centre located in the heart of Karachi city at M.A. Jinnah Road, opposite the K.M.C Head office, near city court, is providing its service, for the last fifty years in three medical dimensions

  •  Audiology
  • Ophthalmdlogy
  • Artificial Eye 

Friends optical and Audiology Centre(F.O.A.C) is a reputable and trusted medical services provider of the city.

Mr. Mohammad Saleem is the Managing Director of this organization. He is a popular personality in the area of social and welfare works. He is dedicated to his responsibilities.

In opinion of Mr. Saleem there is lack of skilled persons in the field of Audiology and optometry and the government must establish training institutes of Audiology and optometry in Pakistan. Dr. Shah Afzal is working as an eye specialist and ocularist at F.O.A.C. He is providing special services in the field of prosthetic (Artifical) Eye.

Dr. Shah Afzal Says that artificial eyes are mainly advised for cosmetic reasons when an eye is lost due to disease or trauma. But the artificial eye is equally crucial for normal development of the eye socket in children. Artificial eyes are designed and practiced by the state of art skill at F.O.A.C at very reasonable prices A well trained and skilled start is working as Audiologists at F.O.A.C under the dedicated supervision of the management.

Friends Audiology Centre has the honor of being the only authorized dealer of SIEMENS HEARING INSTRUMENTS in Pakistan. F.O.A.C. in the first centre of the city to introduce the modern computerized and digital programmable hearing aids at very competitive and affordable prices. However F.O.A.C also maintains the full range of all other standard Hearing Aids.

Friends Have Eyes & Ears For Those Who Need It.                

Friends have eyes and ears for those who need it through computerized sophistication as the Pakistani audio visual partners Friends check and prescribe opticals, as well as lenses without need to wear glasses, for the eyes and hearing aids for the ears with such AV products and services from around the world. 

BusinessMen learnt in talks with the Pakistani AV products and services provider Friends Optical Service and Friends Audiology Centre serving the nation since three generations that the friends company is also supported with wide ranging choices and varieties of optical and hearing products and services from famous international brands like, Siemens of Germany, A&M and purestoneof England, Rionet of Japan, Phonack of USA, Oticon of Denmark and Rextone of Switzerland.             

In an informative talk with Businessmen recently Managing Director of Friends Optical Services & Insaf Trading Company Mohammed Saleem said these concerns did not need ant elaborate introductions with its last 40-year service record. He said “we are serving in this field of human health by virtue of taking care of their vision and hearing side since last three generations. We are proud that we have always equipped ourselves with the latest technologies introduced in our field to serve our valued clients.

Friends Managing Director added: “We believe in personalized services and keep the valued clients most satisfied keeping their choice and price which indicates that we are Friends”.

These are invaluable services to help the desiring people survive as useful members of the society.

Hearing Aid Distribution Ceremony 

Dr. Muhammad Khawar Jamil , Commissioner, Sindh Social Security Institution was the chief Guest at a hearing Aid Distribution ceremony organized by All Pakistan Federation of Labour and Karachi Educational and welfare Society for Deaf & Dumb at Karachi recently. Fifty hearing aids were donated by the Sindh workers Welfare Board for the children of the workers of (APFOL). M/S. Friends optical and Audiology Centre sponsored the meeting and also provided free Ear moulds besides Audiology hearing tests on this occasion.

Dr. M. Khawar Jamil distributing Hearing Aids at a meeting organised by (APFOL). Also seen in the picture on right is Mr. Muhammad Saleem of Friends Optical


Hearing Aids Digital technology offers better communication

Digital Technology offers more benefits and better communication even in noise and this has led to higher satisfaction and better acceptance of hearing aids that can be used now for longer periods. This was stated by Mr. Benoit Caudreliez, Production and marketing manager Asia Pacific Region from Siemens Medical Instruments Singapore He was speaking on digital hearing aid technology at a dinner reception hospital by M/S Friends Audiology centre in honor of the participants of the 17th National Conference of Pakistan Society of Otorhino-laryngology held here at a local hotel recently.

Speaking about the application of hearing instrument technology, he mentioned about making the soft and so inaudible the basic principle of hearing aids. He then referred to various categories of hearing aids like the pocket aid, behind the ear and custom hearing aid. Apart from the conventional now programmable hearing aids which use computers are available. These are more sophisticated Digital technology, he pointed out, and it now available for the last four years Analogue technology is old one. The digital technology offers many benefits and comes up to the patients expectations. It offers comfortable sound in all critical listening situations. It has improved the quality of speech even in noise with best speech intelligibility. Its built-in contrast system reduces the noise level automatically with the help of special moise reduction with twin mike system. Open fitting procedure of hearing aids is now getting fast acceptance as it offers comfortable sound and improvement of speech.


Shaheen Education, Literary and Social Organization and Kehkashan Falahi Idara jointly arranged a programme for the welfare of special kids with the school children under the supervision of Ahsanul Ameen, named “Rehmatullilallamen” recently at DHA Library Sun Set Boulevard, DHA Phase-II Karachi.

The programme was started with the recitation of Qura’an by Asfahan-ul-Ahsan and was presided over by Muhammad Saleem Shaikh, Managing Director Friends Optical and Audiology Centre, in his address, denoted these special kids by precious flowers of garden and emphasized to take care of them and said. “This is our duty, they need special attention.” He praised the Ahsanul Ameen, with the assurance of his full cooperation step by step and each and every facility of providence.

He also presented the acoustics to these kids. A famous man Mr. Abdul Majeed, Director of Kausar Masalah also attended the ceremony and praised all.

Poet Niaz Badayuni presided over “Naatia Mushaira” in which notable poets, Jonab Aijaz Rehmani, Rashid Noor, Sarwat sultans Sarwat, Nooruddin Noor, and paid poetic tributes to the Holy prophet (PBUH).

Mr Badayuni said “We should ready to help others especially special children.”

Hearing Aids were given free of cost the special children by M/S Friends Optical and Audiology Centre.

Miss Hamida Compared the function “Rehmatullilallameen”. Praising Prophet Mohammad (S.A.W). she said “Our Prophet (PBUH) directed to the human being especially Muslim Ummah to pass their life in a simplistic manner, in a way to receive peace of heart and thus to avoid the complexity of life to feel easy and to go through with happiness.”

Mr. Ahsan-ul-Amin, in his address, said that he would continue to work for the betterment and welfare of the special children “as it is, according to the teachings of our Holy Prophet (PBUH). He further said “Every one should feel the pain / suffering of other living in the society especially for the special children.

Shaheen Education Literary and Social Institution together with Kehkashan Welfare Institution recently arranged a programme at DHA Library, Karachi, for the welfare of special children titled, ‘Rehmatullilallameen’. On the occasion the students of Progress school Nazimabad , presented a Naat. Children from the Quaideen special Education Centre , Gulistan-e-Jauhar, presented a tableau.

Later a wheel chair was presented to Mr Muhammad saleem, Director Quiadeen special Education Centre. Other awards and prizes were distributed amongst the students of progressive School and Deford Academy.

Young World

Shaheen Educationist Literary and social institution together with Kehkashan Welfare Institution together with Kehkashan Welfare Institution recently arranged a programme at DHA Library, Karachi, for the welfare of special children titled, ‘Rehmatullilallameen’. On the occasion the students of progress School, Nazimabad, Presented a Naat. Children from the Quaideen special Education Centre, Gulitan-i-Jauhar, presented a tableau. Later a wheel chair was presented to Mr.Muhammad Saleem, Director Quaideen Special Education Centre. Other awards and prizes were distributed amongst the students of progressive school and Deford Academy, Musa Lane.