SIEMENS is the world’s largest manufacturer of hearing aids. In fact, SIEMENS pioneered in-the-ear amplification in 1913, and today continues to develop innovative approaches to sound technology and hearing aid design. From hearing aids to medical imaging systems, SIEMENS is the world’s number one provider of advanced electronic systems designed to support and enhance life. SIEMENS has been listening to the hearing impaired for almost a century. One in five hearing aids sold in the world today is manufactured by SIEMENS. Our skilled employees, strict quality control standards and unparalleled service make us a leader in hearing health care. SIEMENS is a pioneer in the development and production of hearing aids. Our first aid was produced in 1910, making SIEMENS the most experienced manufacturer of hearing and speech instruments in the world. SIEMENS also offers the broadest range of hearing aids – from the smallest ITC, ITE and BTE models to new, high-tech, digitally programmable aids. Along with the expertise and cooperation of Audiologists, Engineers, Hearing Health Care Professionals and Physicians, SIEMENS has developed the reputation for professional commitment, product quality and personal service.